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Mort Or Ium?

I agree that the biz is getting in the way of the community, so I'll make no big sacrifice by not posting tomorrow. Fridays are bad for comments, anyway.

We bought Beck last night at BB. The vol 1 kit that looks like an amp? $15. Vols 3 and 4? $10 each. Vol 2? $20. WTF? We asked, waited, and were finally given Vol 2 for $10 as well. 5 and 6 were $20, so not sure if I want to play the waiting game on them or just keep them. 15, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20. That's $85 for all of beck, with the guitar picks and amp, etc. Not great, and I'm sure there will be a slimpack soon for $40, but much better than initial retail was.

Also, Microcenter appears to have bought out some CompUSA clearance stuff. I may go back for some case fans, but all I found otherwise was a USB PCMCIA adapter for RedneckNinja and some CD sleeves just to help with disc transport.

The CCG orders appear to be processing, so I expect a boatload of cards in next week. I really need to get rid of the older MTG cards and such to make room at some point. Need to note to self on that one.

Still haven't approached taxes. I figure I'll give in next week and at least bring the documents to look over.

Set up remote play PSP->PS3. It's neat. I need to reset my firewall and set up the ports for it to work outside my place, but the ability to lay in bed and watch video from the PC through the PS3 on the PSP is neat. I suppose I'll try playing Lair at some point. Now, if I could just use that connection to organize my files....

Oh yeah, I found a DB backup that I restored so the Pirates stuff is back up. Out of date, since Revolution was the last one in there. But I don't have to start from scratch. I'm slowly getting back into working on the websites.

If the weather can stay a bit warmer, I'm going to try to put the hitch on the Jeep. This may not end well. I've seen the bicycles starting to come out more often, and I want to at least commute to work and back once on my bike. The hitch/rack will make the midnight ride a bit easier, as well. I just need to keep reminding myself of these points and get to it.

Had a couple late nights, so I'm a bit drifty. I'm hoping I can grind through these last couple days and relax on the weekend. With a reset over the weekend, maybe I can get into the taxes on Mon, and carry momentum into other projects during the week.

There are still a few domain issues, and some DBs to set up, but I did find some other data backups from my sites that I should be able to restore. I'm annoyed with myself that I could have had these up right after the incident. Ah well, as long as they come back, I didn't lose everything. And a backup scheme would be good to iron out.

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