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I was forced to fill up this morning. 13.1 gallons. I have a 13.5 gallon tank. MPG estimate was about 17.6, as I recall. That's only a 7 mile buffer. It's nice to know the limits of this new vehicle.

We did some cleaning this weekend. I ended up rediscovering a tax return check for ~$120. Good thing I did, it expires a year after issue.

I deposited that plus some other cash from various payments at the bank before lunch. Not bad, I think I may be able to afford some CCGs after all. Or I could save it for when I figure out what I owe on taxes. And I'm pretty sure that I'll owe.

As the tax person last year disappointed me, I think I'll try it myself this year. It will be the first time in quite some time, if ever, that I will brave the task. In actuality, I'll end up buying software or something. I notice that my CC now offers PDFs of statements from the past year, instead of me having to have them mail them to me like last year. I hope this makes things easier.... A CSV file would work better.

There's rain today. It was a bit cold earlier, now it's not quite so bad. After the bank and Chinese for lunch, I had time and didn't want to go home to spend 5 minutes before I had to leave again. I went to La Boutique De La Target. Lots of stuff on clearance. Lots. Nothing interesting in the pitiful CCG section. Viva Pinata Party Animals for $15 in the VG section. Otherwise, the usual various things from each section I passed. I saw some people doing the scangun thing, probably for a wedding. One of them was obviously dominant, as the other's playful suggestions were rebuffed with derision.

We found the Brazil GCs. They were right where they should have been - in plain sight on the desk. Under the piles of receipts, junk mail, and other stuff that appears to accumulate on any horizontal surface around me. So we have a date before they expire at the end of the month to go. We'll probably make an evening of it again.

I'm not sure what is going on this week. Should be pretty dead, but I thought that about last week and it wasn't. This will be the first full week of the LAG theme nights, so there's always that. Oh, DDRU2 was a disappointment. I don't know if it's me or DDR, but I don't have nearly as much fun playing those any more. The few songs I thought would be fun were not at all. I'm sure we'll play through more of it at some point.

Put the Death Note wall scroll up, it looks good. It looked better when I was holding it up and the light from the kitchen made it glow. So much detail that it's hard to see on the wall. The bag also seemed to work well, plenty of room.

We tried FFCC and I, at least, hated it. We played the multiplayer, both of the quests available. We failed one for some reason, and the other we played twice with the result of "thanks for playing" game over. Not fun at all. I'm due for a look at gamefaqs to see what's up with that. I'm almost to level 40 in the first FF on PSP, so I think I can brave the next crystal's guardian again. Last time was around 5 levels ago, and I got annihilated.

The whole TP AZ thing is interesting. I hope the contributions of him and the fans truly help the cause and perhaps save him from that fate. We'll see. If I had $5K I thought I could spare, I'd figure out how to bid on the Luggage from across the sea. That's a neat set. I didn't realize Colour Of Magic was being given the Hogfather treatment, and I hope it comes out nearly as well. I hope there's no year wait for it to come over here this time.

I'm torn on donations for causes. I feel that I should do something in Chichi's name, if anything. But AZ doesn't really relate. BUT TP is one of my fav authors. But I don't care to give money blindly. But, but but. Excuses, meh. Maybe I'll talk with Haha about it.

I think I'll go back to occupying myself until I can bolt out of here at the earliest opportunity.

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