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CMorrigu SSBB Tournament Trophy

So, I went to GameStop to deliver Tea to my friend Sat night. The night of the SSBB release. They suggested I enter the tournament. I figured what the heck, I'll just play it for the 30 seconds it will take for one of the high schoolers to beat me then I'll be done. I didn't like the game at all on GC.

I won the first round. Ok, no big deal. And the second. Just lucky, I mean the game is new and no one has played it, right? And the third. Hmm, well, I'm sure the people at this level have studied some moves lists and/or played the other one to death, right? Beginner's luck, must be. And the semifinal. Ok, that was wild. Grade school kid was good with Samus. Ok, the final - I watched this guy play with Meta Knight, and he seemed pretty good. Shook hands before we started, just to be nice. I was sure I'd lose. And I won the final. Wow.

So I get a cheesy trophy and am invited to play round 2 (of 5) at another local shop. I was stunned. I have people coming up to me wanting to see the trophy and talk about it. They seem surprised that I didn't pre-order the game, or even have plans to buy it. I'm not trying to be aloof, I'm still shocked it happened. I'm happy as-is, but they want me to play the next round on Sat. We'll see.

Also watched V for Vendetta, which struck me much more powerfully than the trade did. I think that's a BR buy. Played some Mass Effect, which I completed but am a little annoyed that I didn't get more achievements in. Some Burnout Revenge, Final Fantasy, and TF2 pretty much completed the weekend for games. I did buy 5 games for $25 at Sears on clearance - Rumble Roses XX, WTF, Gangs of London, Dark Stalkers, MGS Portable Ops.

Hit up eBay. Bad idea. VERY bad idea. Ordered 1 box of each set of Maple Story to split, and am looking at more Clout, Rocketmen, and Hecatomb. If anyone is interested in going in on any of that, let me know. I'm on the edge of getting stuff I probably won't play much, if ever. Then again, it would be neat to have a little stock for sealed decks when I'm on vacation.

DST sucks. DST is a stupid idea. DST doesn't do what it's supposed to. There are better ways of accomplishing it. DST sucks. DST needs to go. Maybe I should move to AZ.
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