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Texas Sucked

So we went to Texas for my "perfect meal" and it was the worst experience we've had there, ever.

To start things off, the dozen or so people around the hostess stand were chatting and not paying attention for longer than necessary. Then we got seated at a table that was very dirty - it was so bad, it had dust bunnies. The floor was probably cleaner.

We order, and the waitress does well. I was slightly concerned that she didn't write our order down, as I know I don't order standard fare. We sit and wait, and everything seems fine. The waitress is doing pretty well with keeping my water supplied (a true measure of service, IMO), so we're not overly concerned.

Then our dinners arrive. It looks like a steak instead of the pork chop I ordered and there's no sauce, which the pork chop comes with. The food runner asks us to cut into them to check and I say "sure, but I ordered a pork chop." That stuns them for a second, then they take it and a discussion with the waitress ensues.

The waitress comes by to apologize, then a manager. Fine, fine. We're not in a hurry, and I'm not really doing too bad - I'm just a bit hungry. Then chop comes out, all is fine, right? I cut into it - and it's not done all the way through. So we send that one back, waitress apologizes 2-3 times, and the manager comes by to apologize and comp my part of the dinner.

So it was a bad experience, but they did what they could to make it right. I like the place well enough to go back, but it was the worst experience we've had there.


Speaking of food, George's wife was at CNY and said hi to us and that they haven't seen us in awhile, but Luna and Morphine evidently go all the time.


I had an 11 hours of sleep night last night. Crashed around 7, up around 6. I'm still not feeling well now. It looks as if I may be able to head home soon, since nothing is really working right now.


I've finally been able to play a bit of Culdcept Saga. I'm having fun, the story is a bit different from the other one I played, from what I remember. The battles have been good so far - not cakewalk, but winnable with decent play. It's taking me a bit to get back into how to play, and I don't really have enough cards to muck with the stock deck/book yet. First round, I didn't draw nearly enough monsters. I still won, bit it was closer than the first round should have been. Second round, I dominated. I nearly had my opponent without a space on the board, but he came back just before I crossed the line to grab one.


I'm supposed to play Gears, Halo, COD4, and other stuff tonight. I hope I can hold out and do so - I might end up taking a nap before then.


Kitchen was about half clean when I got home last night, the dishes were done. That was very nice. I took out the trash and changed the catbox over lunch, so that's the worst of the kitchen area out of the way. I still need to clear up the clutter, the path to the bedroom, and get rid of some of these boxes the bedding and such were sent in.

Also got in 3 boxes yesterday - Blue Planet, the free sheets and pillows (fast!), and some gifts.
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