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Happy CNY.

We went to Chinese last night for the celebration, and it was a good time. I think that was the biggest feast they've had, two rows full. I had issues breaking into the crab legs as always. The live-taped show had some interesting moments. We got out pretty late, and I went straight to bed.

Got Culdcept Saga last night, but didn't get a chance to play it. Looking forward to that tonight.

Looks like I'm going to come in second on the challenge. I've been enthralled by Mass Effect and haven't really wanted to power boost my GS.

The bed comes in Sat, and most of the bedding I ordered is in. Well, all that I ordered is in, and I'm just waiting for the free sheet set. Going to have to clean up a bit and clear the way on Sat, not sure what time the delivery is going to be.

Got Planet Earth in Blu-Ray. Wow. Very worth it, looks great on the projector. Watched another segment last night. The narration can be annoying, but the images are amazing. Nothing has made me want at 100+" screen more so far. The other one, Blue .. something hasn't arrived yet. Once The Universe comes out on BR, I'll get it too.

Felt awful sickly last night before the event, I'm hoping I fought it off but my lungs hurt today. I picked up a deep cough somehow, but it's only day 1 so I'm hoping I'll shake it by tomorrow. I'm trying not to be lazy and just take sick days, since work is a bit busy right now.

I have some running around to do, but I may wait. I have the next 3 evenings free to myself.

Oh yeah, LAG/LeMed event Fri night, late. Gears, Halo, COD4, then ¿
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