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We went out to NFM the other day and I decided on a bed. It's supposed to be in my next week. I settled on a Simmons which is very firm but has a plush top to it. I hope that ends up being the correct balance. It's a California King, so there should be room. Fitting it into my bedroom, however, might be a challenge.

It came with a mail-in for free sheets and pillows, frame, and the low profile box springs were included as well. I hope they take/dispose of the old one. I'll need to measure where it's going.

So, seeing that I wouldn't actually be able to sleep on it until the mail-in comes back (up to 4 weeks), I went and ordered some sheets and comforter, etc. Of course, the sheets ended up being backordered. I'm not sure of the timing of everything, but I'm hoping it works out. I also got this down comforter that was $200 - 20% off - $50 rebate (giftcard). So half price, should be good.


Then I went and bought Burnout Revenge and Mass Effect using BB coupons and a giftcard. Saved some money, but spent more in the process.

Then we went to GS and took advantage of a 25% off coupon + 10% off Edge card deal on 3 PSP games. Ended up with Brothers In Arms, Ys, and Brave Story.

Then, of course, Amazon's DotD was the second Untold Legends, which we are both close to finishing the first volume of. I figure we'll both move on and multi that game as well.

All told, it's been a pretty good month for funds leaving. I still haven't ordered the Jeep hitch and bike rack yet, nor have I even priced tinting.


I just found out that we're having some rhythm games on consoles set up at work this week over lunch one day. That will be fun.
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