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Have you Scene It?

I've played quite a bit of Scene It over the past few weeks, and it got me thinking.

What are the movies you think are so iconic that you can't believe someone else hasn't seen?

I've played the game with a couple different age groups, and there is generally a set of movies that everyone has seen. Beyond that, there are some surprises. Let's get to some examples.

Playing on Xmas with RedneckNinja and family, I found myself much more in tune with RN's older relatives in terms of movies seen. This seems very strange to me, as I know I've watched quite a few movies with RN, and we're of similar age. I can't recall offhand which ones surprised me most, but there were several. In fact, last year when the Silver Screen version of the game came out, I had at least some reference to the actors, movies, and characters where RN and the in-law had none.

Then there's the issue of NYE. I was playing with the younger SO and another couple of that age. Pretty much anything in black and white was mine, except for some lucky guesses. What surprised me, however, was the lack of knowledge of movies such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Princess Bride, Big, The Shawshank Redemption, and others. Sadly, I was sitting out the game where Blade Runner came in, or I would have swept the thing.

Now I don't watch TV as a general rule. I have an intense dislike of most shows, especially sitcoms. So I have quite a large hole in my knowledge of TV shows from about 1990 to the present year, and only watched a few shows before that time. I also don't go to the movies or keep up with the mainstream much, so I've got a lack of information there. However, it's pretty hard to avoid all mention of such things so I do have some limited exposure to leverage.

Still, I find it hard to relate to people who, for example, haven't seen the jumping piano scene from Big or wouldn't know what Iocane Powder is. And that's not even getting into Replicants or Tribbles. It's just a given that anyone breathing right now has seen those movies and at least has a slight clue of what I'm talking about.

I suppose that's one reason I enjoy my vacations so much, because I get to relax around people who just KNOW. We can talk about shared experiences such as Fencer House or the first AC just as easily as the exploding cat or Socko, and everyone just understands and keeps the conversation going. Other people... Not so much.

So what is in your top 10 reference material?

That is, what are the top 10 items that you use readily without thinking in day to day conversations that would generate much confusion in those who haven't seen/read/heard them?

  1. Blade Runner / Phillip K Dick
  2. Johnny Mnemonic / William Gibson
  3. Boondock Saints / Ron Jeremy
  4. Soul Music / Terry Pratchett
  5. Transmetropolitan / Warren Ellis
  6. Human Butt / Henry Rollins
  7. LA Confidential / Kevin Spacey
  8. The Man Who Never Missed / Steve Perry
  9. Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind / Hayao Miyazaki
  10. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes / Ryô Horikawa

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