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Quick Trip Summary

So far, left a bit quickly from home and forgot a few things, including my jacket. Got held up in StL for an hour or so due to accidents. Eventually made it to L-ville.

Day 2, Sat, hung out and vegged. Had Chinese ordered in for lunch. We were supposed to go out for Mexican, but ended up with Famous Dave's instead. Friends came over, we opened gifts, admired swords, then Rock Banded out. I crashed earlier than the rest.

Day 3, Sun, hung out a for a bit. We ate leftovers and such for lunch, then we were going to head to Japanese for Takoyaki. Japanese was closed. We ended up at Texas Roadhouse instead. Vegged.

Day 4, Mon, I think we ate in for lunch again. Dinner was at a grandparent's with the family. Not a bad deal, really. Ate too much. Neatest gift was a mini RC helicopter. Neither of us got it, though.

Day 5, Tues, family deal. They called us in early, but we ended up there about on time instead. Ate too much again. Tried to get a TV Jeopardy game going, but the stupid thing wouldn't work right. Ended up playing Scene It again, just like last year. I got a wind-up flashlight.

Day 6, Wed, back to work. RedneckNinja had to head back to work, but I still wanted my Takoyaki. So we had Thai for lunch, they went to work, and I headed to Japanese right at opening time. I ate too much, and was actually disappointed in the Takoyaki. It just wasn't as good. It wasn't molten hot like it should be, either. I did thoroughly enjoy the Veggie Tempura and Unadon. I grabbed a few things for RN for dinner after work.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Carmel for lunch with a couple LAGgers, then up to Shinji's for the party with D4nte. I'm not sure about Fri, I'm thinking of heading to OH to visit. And Uncle Yip's. I may end up just heading home, though. We'll see.

I did get/find out what I'm getting partially.
So far:
Terry Pratchett's Hogfather DVD. I didn't even know this was out here.
Culdcept Saga preorder for the 360. It will be fully paid by the time it's out.
Bike Rack for the Jeep. As soon as I go pick it out/up.
$10 from Obaasan.
A jacket. It's been handed down a few times as it's pretty big, but it's ok on me.
A couple pullovers. Re-gifted, and I don't really like pullovers, but I figure they'll be stolen from me soon enough.

So more than I wanted, but ok so far. I know there's more, though. Sigh.

In all, it's been a worthy vacation. I needed to get away, out of town, and just relax with friends.

I also managed to miss the cold and weather. It's been consistently 50 or so around here with no weather.

I'm off to continue vegging, play some CH squad night, and probably more TF2. I might go try COD4 though.
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