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Holy Halo 3

Deals, Purchases.

Wow, I can't quite believe I didn't wait for this deal. Halo 3 Legendary Edition for $60 from Amazon. today only. I got it for something like $20 off a while back, but it was still over $100. This deal is awesome.


I almost grabbed a couple of 4GB SDHC cards yesterday, then someone pointed out they were mini instead of micro. Too bad, $25 was a steal. And I have quite a few devices around that use them.

I did go ahead and get Pioneer HTS-GS1 5.1-Channel Surround Sound System for the Xbox 360. I figure it's a cheap set that will last me until I upgrade to a new HT setup. I can use my current receiver with them, and then they'll make a good set for the PC.

Didn't buy much else lately besides the B2G1 used sale at GameStop, where I picked up Tomb Raider, Tetris, and Table Tennis for 360.

With the Jeep $ coming due in the next week, I needed to tone down anyway.

Still wondering about Xmas plans.

I figure I'm going to make my yearly trek to the IN-KY-OH area again, but I'm not sure what's going on when or anything. I've got the 15th through the 1st off, so I'm pretty flexible there.

TV sucks.

Oh yes, we watched The Hogfather on IonTV Sun night. They re-cut it. Horribly. Plus all the damn commercials. It was VERY hard to follow - and I've read so much TP including this book as well as seen the (BBC version) show a few times. I can only hope they release the complete thing on DVD domestically so it's watchable.


Nothing much else new to report. Work is work. I didn't do much but play games on my week off, and do some minor cleaning. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 was okay, very relaxing at least. Rayman Raving Rabbids sucked horribly. I also have Virtua Tennis 3 to play more of. All 3 of these were free to borrow for 3 weeks + renewal from the library. What a deal, eh?

I really need to get in gear and exercise/stretch more. That week of sitting of the couch wasn't good at all. I'm kinda sore from just walking up to the 4th floor at work. The close parking garage is still being maintained, so I'm also parking further away. Good for my health, to be sure.

I'm at the point where the Jeep is feeling natural now. There was a AAA truck blocking the way through the garage yesterday after lunch, and I was able to thread my way through the small gap. In fact, driving the Saturn again felt really weird. The whole sitting on the ground feeling is strange now, too.
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