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Patriot, I See

I don't recall where I left off last time, I'm pretty fried with all that has been going on.

I got the Xbox 360 HD DVD player with the BB deal, so I got King Kong, Heroes season 1, and 5 other free HD DVDs with it. Add (or subtract, I guess) the GC from my CC, and it was a pretty good deal. We watched the first ep of Heroes the other night, and probably would have continued if not for needing to sleep.

Then, there is the whole car business. One of the cars died, which left us scrambling and trying to figure out how to work our different schedules into a carpool. This, of course, necessitated that I take another, harder look at the new vehicle I've been eying. In fact, that vehicle is parked in the company garage here at work right now. If the rest of the day goes well, I expect to drive it back to the dealership after dinner and do the paperwork to make it mine.

It's a Jeep Patriot. And I'm noticing many differences between it and my Saturn SC2. It feels big, and wrong. The angle of the windshield is very strange, as is the feeling of so much space behind me. I haven't nailed down the dimensions yet, but the front is so far surprisingly short.

And then there's the toys. Oh, the toys. I'm in love with the GPS/6 CD/Sirius device. I like the tire pressure monitor, but I'll probably keep it on the compass/temp mode most of the time. Having steering wheel controls for the radio is neat. The sunroof is a bit different to control, but works. I didn't pair my phone to the thing yet, but that should be fun as well. If it hadn't been so chilly last night when we took a drive, we probably would have rocked out the empty parking lot at the frozen custard place we stopped, since it has fold-out speakers in the back for tailgating.

The key is one of those huge ones with the remote lock/unlock/panic built in. It's not a switchblade like some I've seen. It's just all there, and not really much bigger than my previous key.

I need to contact my CC company and see if my credit limit increase went through, so I can buy it on that. I want the bonus points. Heh.

Oh, and I bought Wartech the other day for $10. It's a very strange fighting game using mechs. I'll have to play more to get used to the weirdness.

I did pre-order Guitar Hero III with the wireless 360 controller, and registered on the official site. I'll probably join the tour group with the LAG folks.

Meanwhile, TF2 rocks me hardcore. That is one of the most fun multiplayer games I've ever played. Even when your teammates are idiots who don't communicate, or heavily breathe into an unmuted mic while playing, you can have a blast. I got 11 kills with a single turret as an Engineer the other night, and had a blast doing it. Even when I kept getting killed by enemy spies. I can die and not worry so much about it in this game, it doesn't seem personal. Just fun. Lots of fun. Especially with the LAG group, where we can, y'know, use teamwork.
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