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We were supposed to head to a free-to-us company event last night. I went home to change, grabbed the tickets, and went over to eat. We vegged a bit, and I fell asleep. I felt dizzy and a bit unsettled. We ended up just vegging for a few hours, then I went back home.

I didn't really want to go. I only got the tickets to see the new venue and for them to get out and do something. Neither of us had any idea about the performer, so it wasn't a big deal. Ah well.

We are thinking of seeing Blue Man Group, but tickets are pricey and I didn't think they were all that when I saw them in Chi-town. I mean, it was a fun experience, but I went in thinking it would be less performance art and more hard-hitting percussive music (ala Stomp). So I was disappointed in that regard. I did enjoy the experience, though. Anyway, I don't think the ticket prices lend themselves to us going, but we'll see what happens.

I'm up to either 18 or 19 on Portal, and having fun. But these last few levels have gotten a bit frustrating. Not to mention, I'm currently stuck. Given that I was out of sorts last night anyway, I think I can get past that point tonight without too much issue.

I believe tonight is TF2 with the LAG folks. CH on Wed, and then Burnout on Thurs.

I did manage to do some cleaning up over the weekend. I still have a bunch to get to, but at least the kitchen area looks decent. There is once again counter space. Of course, we had pancakes for breakfast the other day, so I need to clean the fallout up from that.

I seem to be in full hibernation-prep mode. Completely lacking energy, I crave more food that usual.

Still not sure what's going on the the holidays. I have T-day week off, as well as the last couple weeks of the year. I want to get some visits in, but I don't want to travel the whole time.

My car is acting up, so I need to get that looked at ASAP. I've been putting it off due to work stress and lack of energy/motivation. I know better.

I believe I will make a personal health checkup appointment soon, which will hopefully lead to a new bed, which will pave the way for a new TV and vehicle. With the new TV, I'll be looking at speakers and probably a receiver. Those are all the major purchases I'm thinking of on a short-term basis.

I wonder, though. Would a projector make a good second TV? I don't have much room in my place, and I signed for another year here.

Work is going strong for another week on the current high-stress project. I have the last Monday off, so I can relax and de-stress a bit. I find it hard to wind down some days.
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