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More Consumerism

Well, here we go again. I went out to the 2 local TRU's trying to find anything interesting in stock that I didn't pick up last time. Particularly, I wanted the Orange Box. Neither of them had it, or much of anything else I wanted immediately. I was bummed.

So we headed over to Best Buy, and I saw a shelf full of Orange Boxes... And I was thinking, "Doesn't BB price match? I wonder..." So I asked the nearest blue shirt about it, and they told me that they would surely match it if they could quickly look up the deal online or if I had the ad. Score.

So I grabbed:
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions $39.99
PSP Final Fantasy $29.99
PSP Dead Head Fred $0.01
360 Stranglehold CE $69.99
360 The Orange Box $59.99
360 Eternal Sonata $0.01

Not bad. Had to check out at the Customer Service desk, and have the person warn me that they want the ad in-hand to price match, instead of having to look it up online. Either way, I got the deal and a MUCH better selection to choose from.

And then headed over to GameStop, where I saw Untold Legends: Dark Kingdoms new for $19.99. We also hit Circuit City, but I didn't see much besides the Buy 1 Get 1 BluRay deal that I decided to pass on for now.

And last week I bought a few new movies:
The Protector
Black Lagoon v3 SE
Once Upon A Time In The West

And one of my new Halo 3 360 wireless controllers showed up yesterday. I'm still waiting for the other one and the wireless headset.

And let's not forget the new geocoins and pins...
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