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Japan Festival, TRU Monsoon, Legendary

We'll start with the Legendary. I gave in and bought Halo 3. Had a blast playing multi online, but campaign is meh so far. I'm going to watch the footage from the previous games so I understand the plot a little better before I progress much further.

We went to the Japan Festival. At first, I was completely disappointed. The food selection was awful - no takoyaki, edamame, or ramen to be seen anywhere. And the exhibits weren't that great, either.

Then we went to a couple of the performances. The dancing was okay. The first two musical performances were interesting. I find I can really enjoy Shamisen and Koto music, especially with the traditional vocals. The vocal/piano set was okay.

The Taiko performance by Denver Taiko was very impressive. More so when you realized that most of the group was aged around 13. There was a whole lot of energy there. Very enjoyable, and it made the evening worthwhile.

We went shopping yesterday. We got a late start, and got to TRU just before the storm hit. It was a monsoon, raining sideways with all the wind and everything. The power went out in the store at one point. We were going to leave several times, but ended up waiting until it died down a bit. We still hit BB and CC and GS to look briefly and grab flyers.
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