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Bargain Shopping Is An Obsession

Well, let me just start by saying that I/we saved quite a bit of money. $364, according to the receipts.

I went to one TRU and picked up:
360 ShadowRun $35.99
360 Lost Planet $35.99
360 Call Of Duty 3 Gold $0
360 F.E.A.R. $26.99
360 Call Of Duty 2 Plat $26.99
360 Marvel UA Plat $0
360 Skate $53.99
360 R6 Vegas $53.99
360 Blue Dragon $0
360 The Outfit $17.99
360 PGR3 $17.99
DS DQ Heroes RS $0

Then I talked to some people and went over to the other TRU, where we grabbed:
PS3 Untold Legends DK $44.99
Wii MySims $44.99
Wii MySims $0
Wii Big Brain $44.99
Wii Big Brain $44.99
Wii Metroid Prime 3 $0
Wii Carnival Games $35.99
PSP Jeanne D'Arc $26.99
PS3 Genji $0
DS Picross $17.99
DS Yugioh Spirit Caller $17.99
DS Final Fantasy III $0
PSP AC Adapter $8.98
PSP Dock $1.21

And that's not mentioning the run to CC for:
360 PGR3 $0
360 Bionicle $12
360 Phantasy Star $12
360 ?? $12
Xbx Fable $6

I also nearly grabbed a few other various things, but knew I was already spending too much. Of those, I think I should have picked one up on the 10% off at TRU, even if I didn't do the Buy 2 get 1 free deal on it.

I signed up for a credit card at TRU to save an extra 10% off, making this a REALLY good deal, although that card now has $600 on it. And yes, most of that was mine. I now have games to play for approximately the next 12 months.

This sale is good this week, and should be advertised in the Sun papers for use next week. Next week, however, expect the selections to be picked over.
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