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So yeah, CC has a 33% off Clearance items sale going on. Went Sun and picked up some 360 games, then went back on Mon and got more stuff. They stupidly put Mario Strikers for Wii in the same box, so I had them give me the discount. I would have picked up PGR3 and Kameo, but they had them marked up to $30 instead of the $20 they are elsewhere.

Sun Purchases:
$ 8.68 Bomberman Act Zero 360
$11.36 Just Cause 360
$11.36 Bionicle Heroes 360
$11.36 Tony Hawk American Wasteland 360
$11.36 Condemned: Criminal Origins 360

Mon Purchases:
$34.99 Super Mario Strikers Wii
$ 6.00 True Swing Golf DS
$ 8.68 Magical Starsign DS
$ 8.68 Lost Magic DS
$ 3.32 Eye Toy Operation Spy PS2
$11.36 God Hand PS2
$11.36 Superman Returns 360

Tomorrow, we go to a baseball game for a work outing. Temperature has been dropping to more reasonable levels the past few days, so I'm hoping that trend will continue. Will still probably wear my UA stuff to keep cool. I need to remember my hat and some stuff to keep from frying, since we have seats without shade.

I bought DMZ vol 3 last night and read it. I've been reading voraciously the past week or so, thanks to the library. I've kept my receipts from there, so I can track what all I've read. More stuff is in, so I'll probably be running around tonight to pick that up and head to the store.

I'm on a new team at work, which deals with data. I've been trying my hand at Oracle SQL queries, which is interesting. To me, the DB schemas we're working with are a complete mess. Oh well. We're on shifts, but I ended up with my usual early shift.

I did start playing Bionicle Heroes... It's sort of like Lego Star Wars from a first-person POV. The environments are more generic, though. I'm something like 20% complete with the game and have 340 GS. It's not a hard game, but it gave me severe motion sickness the first night. Had to pop a pill last night to avoid that.

I was considering skipping the game tomorrow, but I just got handed the ticket and a coupon to save on parking. Guess I'll go, but I need to get some cash tonight to pay parking, if nothing else.

I was pretty fried from lack of good sleep for the past few weeks, but it appears to be getting better. I'm trying to stick to a schedule to prevent the insomnia. There's still the waking up at 2 and 4 am, but I can get back to sleep pretty quickly. I'm hoping the weather turning helps my comfort level at night. Still need that new bed.
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