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Water like Money

We went to BB and CC last night. They have sales. More money.

XBLA vol 1 360 $15
Wipeout Pure PSP $15
Chronicles of Riddick (3 movies) $15
Pi $4
Running Man $4 (I realized I already have this, so taking it back)
One Upon A Time In The West $7.50
Weird Science $7.50
The Last Dragon $7.50

Previous buys:
Mercury Meltdown PSP $8.50
Perfect Dark Zero LE 360 $15
Chromehounds 360 $20
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney DS $8.50
Infected PSP $12
Rengoku 2 PSP $12
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror PSP $8.50
Exit PSP $12
Lumines II PSP $8.50
EA Replay PSP $8.50
Death Jr II PSP $8.50
Me & My Katamari $10

This is in addition to another BB run that I didn't locate the receipt for, the amazon stuff, etc. Luckily, I just got a bonus from work.

In other news, I've caught up on reading the TPBs.
Demo was pretty good, although I would have liked longer, deeper stories. Each piece was interesting enough, but I wanted more of each, instead of more stories.
Planetary v3 was very good, although I need to go back an re-read the previous ones to fit them all together better.
Desolation Jones rocked until the end. I was disappointed in the last few pages, but it was well worth it.

And BioShock... I'm going to have to write something a bit more in-depth at some point. Sufficed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game on the first play through, and once I tidy up a few loose ends as far as other achievements, I'm ready to replay the whole thing on Hard for the last one. The game is by no means perfect, and should not be getting perfect scores. There are quite a few glitches/bugs, control issues, and some continuity/plot holes to deal with. Thankfully, most of those are minor and will hopefully be patched. The few major issues I had might be personal viewpoints against design decisions. I'll say more at some point, but I know a few friends are still working on the game right now. I'd rather not tempt anyone into spoilers, no matter how much I want to discuss the various details and ending with them.

I have an idea to get something done today for one or more of my sites. I also need to take the DVD back to BB, and try to get another $20 from CC for Metroid. Tomorrow, I plan to try to get another $20 from CC for Blue Dragon
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