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I Just Can't Stop

"Curse of the Golden Flower [Blu-ray]" Chow Yun-Fat; Blu-ray; $19.95
Read some reviews, this is supposed to be a solid pick.

"Final Fantasy II" Video Game; $19.99
I've been wanting to get these new PSP releases anyway, and this is $10 off.

"The Untouchables (Special Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]" Robert DeNiro; Blu-ray; $17.95
A classic, and a supposedly worthwhile Blu-Ray transfer.

In other news, BioShock has been keeping me busy. The Neptune's Bounty area has me motion sick, though. I think I'm almost done with it. Need more slots for the Tonics and such.

And Channel Zero was.. interesting. But not really my thing. I appreciate the statement and the attitude, but high concept art pieces don't agree with me. I did enjoy the old Wired-like text scroll. I'm hoping Demo is more to my taste.
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