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Consumer MAX

I'm in a complete consumer mode. I want toys, lots of them, right now. New phone, trek pod, geocaching gear, computers, vehicle, etc.

I've pretty much decided to get a Jeep Patriot, the questions remaining are when, which, and 2007 or 2007. I'm disappointed that I can't get to Camp Jeep this year, so I may put it off a bit. I saw some video of the thing off-road, and that just made it solid.

The geographic center of the US is open for one day this weekend, and we're pondering going. Probably won't in the end, it's pretty far for a day trip.

I'm thinking about getting a custom geocoin made. The big problem is that I suck at art, and you need a pretty high quality of base art to work from. I'm also undecided as to the exact features, though I have some ideas.

Work has been draining me, I'm just frustrated at it all. I'm thinking short-term again, and wanting to get out into something different... Something for me. For now, I'll keep plodding along.

My eyes have been red and I've had no energy the past few days. I'm trying to go back to controlling my diet now that vacation and visiting are over. I did good, and avoided the donuts today at work. Ended up taking a nap this evening when I should have been exercising.

I may give in and see the doc sooner than later. I know I need to get checked since I had those ticks.

I'm not sure what's up, but I can sense changes coming. Either by will or circumstance.
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