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Trip Computer

1962 miles
85 mph max speed
moving time 38hrs 14m
moving average 51.3
stopped 11hrs 3m
overall avg 39.8mph
52,6845 ft total ascent

And we didn't log EVERY bit of the trip. Went through 2 sets of batteries, which isn't too bad. Probably burned several hours just getting used to the setup of PQ -> GSAK -> GPSr and having to delete all the stored waypoints before putting new ones in. CacheMate and TomTom have spoiled me with there unlimited capacity.

Looks like the end of trip summary didn't happen. Work's been on this week, and I was offsite today and probably again tomorrow. Haha is inbound tomorrow, as well. I'm off Fri so we'll be out and about until Mon most likely.
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