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I've been at work for 5 or so hours now... and I'm still fried.

Rodimus came over for a bit last night to chat, and ended up staying a bit late. Luckily, I had slept in Sun morning and took a nap in the afternoon. Today, however, it feels like I haven't slept hardly at all.

While I was out, one of my coworkers had a heart attack. Strange stuff to come back to, especially since no one had mentioned it in an email. I found out because they sent out a thank you email for the flowers/card, and asked someone what that was all about.

It's hot and humid out today. Supposed to start raining tonight and carry over to all day tomorrow, at which point the moisture should be out of the air and the temp dropped to reasonable levels for the rest of the week. That will make Haha's visit a bit more pleasant.

Amor De Brazil opened up here while we were away! Dammit, that means I can go overeat on meat much more often.

I did manage to log the finds over the trip, but there's quite a bit more caching-related stuff to go. I want to post the trip tracklogs and relate those to the pics, log some TBs, and do some other general geocaching/stats related stuff.

The rest of the trip details should come later this week. I'm going to be cleaning up the place and such like for the next few days. Hopefuly, we'll get some caching and bike riding in, as well.
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