Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

Dammit, Trip Day 5

WTH? The place we were going to go to for dinner was also closed. That's 2 places we were denied the same day! Ah well, we ended up at a decent Japanese place. Goofy and I took quite a number of various photos there and afterwards when we went to Meijer.

We also grabbed a cache before heading back to unload and bio-break, then continued on to one of the caches that frustrated us last time. It did so again, but we did walk around a get a couple other ones.

After all that, we relaxed for a bit before going out to the pool for a relaxing swim, then crashing.

Today so far, we haven't accomplished much. Goofy had to work, Miki had a Dr Appt, and we just vegged.

At some point, more caching and dinner will be involved. Perhaps the place that was closed last night.

Tomorrow, we'll be heading back to RedneckNinja's for the fireworks and a family grill out. We'll probably pass through Indy on the way to the GPS exhibit on Thurs, then end up back here at Goofy and Miki's for Brazilian on Fri, then go back to RedneckNinja's Fri night in order to be closer to the Sat morning event. After the afternoon event, we'll start heading back towards home. At this point, the plan is to cache our way back and make it about halfway before finding somewhere to crash.
Tags: trip, vacation

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