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Movin On, Trip Day 4

Yeah, we didn't move very quickly yesterday. Fly wasn't feeling well, with a sore throat. We went to Chili's for lunch, and had one of the worst experiences at that chain. For some reason, the service was awful and the food came with free heaping extra grease. We then headed out to Wally world to do a bit of shopping, and stopped by the gas station so RedneckNinja could pay rent.

We got back and played some games, vegged, watched TV, chatted, and otherwise just hung out. I took a brief shower and waited for RedneckNinja and Fly to finish a long game of Settlers of Catan. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, which was awesome - I think it was a large step above the one at home. I had the pork chops, and they were excellent.

Then we headed back to play more games - Let's Kill, Chez Geek, and so forth. I checked in with Goofy and Miki, since we were running so late, and we decided to delay a day heading that way. Then we broke out the Youtube and died laughing at Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway? I don't really recall much else, as I faded and crashed first.

This morning, I got up and showered and repacked, then got Fly up and we headed out to Goofy and Miki's. We just got back from the Indian Buffet for lunch, which was excellent. I was upset that the dim sum place closed as of last week. At least it will re-open in August, but I'll miss it this trip. Sounds like some sort of Korean/Japanese/Chinese place for dinner.

I'm feeling like it's about nap time, we may try to shoehorn some caching in later before dinner.
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