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Trip, day 3

Yeah, that was rough. Left after work, drove 9 hours, unpacked at RedneckNinja's, then crashed for a few hours. Got up and out for another 1.5 hour drive to the cache event, cached along a 1.5 mile trail with some terrain, then headed to lunch. Grabbed some awful food, then went to the next event cache site, met up with RedneckNinja, and cached another trail. Went up some very steep terrain to find a micro. Got back out and went back 1.5 hours to RedneckNinja's to shower, and went for food. Interesting little Japanese place. Wants to be trendy, but has decent food. The gyoza when fresh were incredible, as was the takoyaki. Some of the other dishes were okay. Had a great new beer, which I will have to find more of later. We vegged briefly, then crashed.

As usual, I'm the first up. I logged yesterday's finds and am now trying to figure out the process for getting GPX into the GPSMap 60CSx. I had to hand-enter hides yesterday - not gonna keep doing that. We'll be puttering around here until probably early evening, before heading Goofy's way - unless something else is going on.

I'm on RedneckNinja's machine, since the net connection here doesn't like mine. I'm switching over to mine to charge devices and figure out the GPSr caching thing. I'm avail via phone if anything comes up.
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