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Just great timing here. Holiday weekend coming up, and I'll be sending my 360 in for service. Supposedly 3-5 days to get the box, then 8-10 days until I have it back once sent. I suppose it's better if I send it back immediately, it's just irritating to have to do so when I could be vegging.

On the other hand, it might be somewhat good. I've needed to do some cleaning/clearing, and I've already started....

I'm considering doing a colocation for my websites. I'll, of course, have to purchase hardware. I've never actually purchased a rack mount server before, so that would be interesting. The nice thing is that it will all be deductible, since I can justify it as a business expense. The part I'm kind of leery about is the OS and remote admin of such. It will be some *nix flavor, to be sure, and I haven't done much with any particular one. The power, space, and flexibility can't be denied, though. I'd like to do it.

I was going to go for a ride, but forgot I left my bike out there yesterday. Ah well, I should be riding more soon anyway.

We're thinking of going camping for a geocaching event in the coming month. We'll have to get a tent and some other supplies if that's the case. I haven't been camping in a LONG time. I'm not sure it has the appeal it used to.

I've been putting off renewing my plates, so I need to get to that this week. It would have been better to go last week, since I'm sure people will be rushing this week to get theirs done before the holiday. Argh, I know better. Oh well, I'll charge up the DS and Zen, and I should be good to wait. I think it was about 3 hours the first time I went around here.

Haha's surgery went well. They're still in pain, but it appears to be a success.

RedneckNinja is not liking the politics of being a Supervisor. Hearing the stories from the first week makes me glad I turned down the offers I've had to do such. I'm better working on the technical side than the HR side.

Guess I'll have my evening snack and work on some more cleaning. It will help my balance to have some of this crap tossed, or at least put away.
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