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After avoiding all SM3 related posts and such until I was able to see it... Meh.

We went downtown to this theater with a VIP room. I'd been wanting to experience this sort of thing for awhile, and this seemed like as good a chance as any. The tickets were about the same price per person as I paid for BOTH the previous movies together on DVD. It was a nice place, bar and restrooms outside with about 40 seats in the theater. No one under 21 is admitted. There was maybe 12 people total in attendance, and 3 waitstaff. We had drinks, mine a Guinness, and popcorn. The chairs were recliners and had plenty of space between rows, so I was very comfortable. The movie started right on time, with no commercials or previews. I was bothered by the distraction of the waitstaff a couple times, especially during high action scenes. All in all, it was a nice experience. I'm not sure it was worth the $50 total just to see SM3, but as an experience it was nice.

On to the show.

I think I can safely sum it up as W.T.F.?.!.

This one didn't live up to the previous ones. At all. The pace was all screwed up, the fights weren't done well, and overall it was just lacking. The effects were nice, except for the CG flag at just the wrong time that completely broke the mood. The humor seemed forced, several scenes went on WAY too long, and the character empathy just wasn't there.

I'd say don't waste the cash, just have someone else rent it and watch it later if you have free time. It's not worth the theater experience, nor paying full price for.
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