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An Amazing Start

I woke up at 3am, for no apparent reason. I stayed up for a bit because the cats wouldn't quit whining for no reason. I figured I'd get up for a drink of water, and went ahead and queued up Catan and Centipede to download so I'd have them.

I tossed and turned for around an hour before getting back to sleep. The alarm woke me up rudely out of a pretty deep slumber. I thought about just staying in bed, but I eventually got up and went about my morning.

... Or I would have, except that the part where I check LJ and such was blocked by my net connection being out. Again. This is the 4th or 5th time in the past month that it has dropped for no reason.

After trying to fix that from my side while eating breakfast, I figure dI'd just head in to work.

... And the alternate firewall is down, which means most of my sites are blocked.

One of those days where I'm just not meant to be online I guess.
Tags: cable, insomnia, net, work

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