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Oh yes. Yes, indeed.

Carcassonne in June 07 on XBL

Sierra Online has released the first screenshots from its upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade game Carcassonne (pronounced like “carcass-On”), based on the award-winning board game. Designed for two to five players, Carcassonne is set in a medieval landscape made up of 72 tiles. Players start from a single tile and then draw from a pool of remaining tiles to create a growing landscape and gain points for ultimate victory. Developed by Sierra Online, Carcassonne will feature multiplayer modes both offline and online allowing players to compete against up to five players on Xbox LIVE and four players on a single Xbox 360.

Players will amass valuable points by strategically placing tiles and claiming land, completing towns, roads and farms. Gamers can master strategy in the medieval world by owning the largest towns, longest roads and biggest farms, not to mention a monastery or two. Or they can score points and properties the old fashioned way--by poaching from others!

Carcassonne will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade in June 2007 and is rated “E” for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

You can find the very frist screenshots in our gallery located here.

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