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FYI for those in IN, KY, OH and parts between - We'll probably be heading that way the first week in July. No set plans of yet, probably wander back and forth between the areas. Hopefully people will be around having fun and won't mind us dropping in for a few days here and there.

Work. Plenty of, perhaps too much of, it. It's been more stressful than usual, as well. They extended the project 2 weeks, and this is the last. We haven't really made any progress yet, what with all the issues. There's a slight chance I'll have tomorrow off.

Spoke with RedneckNinja and Haha yesterday.

Since I cancelled the GamePass, I've been catching up on Castlevania: SOTN and Guitar Hero II and not much else. I've got something like 20x 360 games waiting for me to get back to and get through, and then there's PS2, DS, PS3, and PSP games as well. I've been so distracted by the new stuff that I haven't gone back to the old. I want to attempt to do that.

Taxes are done, but I haven't seen the damage yet. Several high dolar purcahses await, depending on that. I think I may go for a lesser model LCD TV for now, in anticipation of getting one of those new wafer-thin OLED ones that are coming out. My 34" Panasonic tube HDTV is still up for sale.

I'm getting closer and closer to a new bed purchase. One of the main concerns is the HDTV box that takes up 1/4 of my bedroom. The new bed, being a Cali King, will take up quite a bit more space. That box is in the way, and there really isn't any good place for it to go.

I've gotten a few more Xbox Live friends, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to hop on and see what everyone is playing. There's also that elemenet of competition - I try to stay ahead on gamerscore overall or on certain games that others are playing.

I slept in a bit for the first time in a week. There's some sort of plague going around that I'm doing my best to avoid, although I think I was trying to fight it off midweek. I've been feeling pretty blah lately, and understand that I need to break out of that myself. Hasn't happened yet - I feel so drained once I'm out of work that I eat, veg, and crash. Almost that fast.

I did manage to clean up about 2/3 of the bathroom yesterday. It's a start on the house work I've been putting off for awhile now. Cleaned the litterbox and noticed that it's cracked on top from both of them laying on it.
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