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Yeah, got Guitar Hero II for the 360 yesterday. It rocks. Controllers are a bit strange at first, but I got a 100% on the first song, so they aren't all bad. The whammy bar lags very strangely, and I got a couple of phantom misses here and there that I haven't tracked down the cause for yet. Overall, it's worth getting.

However, with Rock Band coming out, I might have to say wait for the wireless guitars if you want a second one. I went with the RO special and got 2 guitars, the game, and a gear bag. But I may be trading my wired guitars for wireless when RB comes out.

RB pricing looks a bit high... It's for PS3 and 360, and thus is $60 for the game. A wireless guitar controller is $80, and I think the drum kit is the same price. I don't recall pricing on the mic, though.

Oh, and I've not seen details effects pedal - when or how much remains a mystery.

I've got one other issue with the guitar, and that's that the d-pad is screwed up. It doesn't work like I expect it to, which makes navigating menus a major PITA.

The other major addiction of late is Puzzle Quest on the DS. There's a demo available for the PC to check out, which I recommend. This was done by the people who made all those kickass Warlords games, and has some of the same graphic feel to it. I'm thinking about buying it for the PSP, as it's supposed to have better graphics and sound... and a major bug.

If anyone gets stuck on Puzzle Quest, I put together a Puzzle Quest Capture Guide from GameFAQs forum posts.

In other news, I've chatted with RedneckNinja and Beldurin lately. I'm on the last week of this hell project at work, so hopefully I can stop working extra hours and days next week.
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