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Yeah, still hate DST. With a passion. And all that. This morning was... not enjoyable. I slept in quite late yesterday, or took an early nap or two - whichever. Of course, that means I was up late. Had the requisite trouble getting to sleep. Was not happy to be rudely grabbed from REM by the alarm. I did stumble through the morning routine, and actually was out the door a little bit early. When I got to work, being the second car in the parking lot on that side, I was denied access by the badge reader at the door. I walk around to the main entrance, and the guard isn't in yet. Great. I walk back to my car, and someone else pulls up. I end up tailgating in. Fun stuff.

I watched Ong-Bak last night. Meh. Not nearly as good as I'd heard. It's pretty standard, and takes its own sweet time getting to the point. Some of the fights and stunts were interesting, but not enough so to sit through the first half. The second half picks up a bit, but overall not really as good as I wanted it to be.

Talked a bit with RedneckNinja, they finally got out to Jungle Jim's, and were suitably impressed.

CompUSA is closing its campus store, so I wandered around the other night and ended up getting a few things on clearance at a close-enough-to-online price. Case, PSU, PSP game, headphones, and MC9 for Haha.

Then went to BB and grabbed Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Ong-Bak for under $10 each.

Watched SM1 and 2 back to back, enjoying both. The first one is better, although the effects are more polished in the second one. I blame the SM3 trailier I saw during 300 for these. I do want to go back and watch the commentary/pop-ups to see if they reveal some interesting bits about some of the inconsistencies.

Other than than, plugged away at the Crackdown achievements, played with the cats, and pretty much vegged.

Oh yeah, Fri night's dinner trip before the movie included the special suprise of a tire blowout on the highway. That was fun.
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