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Cap Is Dead

I heard on the radio this morning that Captain America is dead. He was taken out by a sniper as he entered or exited from the courthouse.

Uh, what?

I mean, this was part of the regular news segment, and stated pretty much as any other news story.


In other news, I'm still fighting the battle of the domains. So very close to ending it, but I found out the other day that some of my domains were overlooked for renewal. I scrambled the other day to contact my registrar/host contact and get that fixed. Then the redirects were set incorrectly for some of them, requiring a couple hours of manual work to correct that and the contact info. I think all buy 1 are set now. I'm going to have to keep better track of this stuff in the future.

The vacation went pretty well. We vegged quite a bit, did some Geocaching, overate at TDB, and went to a hockey game. Travel sucked, although security wasn't really a problem. I saved my sanity with the Zen. I caught up on several anime series and listened to many hours of music.

We also caught a BB clearance sale, and I scored 3 PS2 and 1 PSP game for about the price of 1 PS2 game. Pretty nice deal.

At home, I've been playing the 360 pretty much non-stop. I did play SSX Blur briefly, though. Otherwise, it was Bullet Witch, then Crackdown. I finished the missions in Crackdown last night, but have only about half the achievements. It's a blast as long as I don't forget to take the anti-motion sickness meds.

Work is starting to pick up, I'm on a different app test team for this next release. We've started shifts as of today.
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