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Zen Travels

Another week by, and I didn't update as much as I thought I would. Ah well.

New toy alert.


I achieved Zen.

WMP11 in order to transfer video files. Why oh why does it want to grab everything I own and sync it all to the thing each time? WMP is a decidely awful application.
Battery Life for videos is somewhat short.
Necessitated a day and a half of cleaning up tags on all this stuff. And it's not over.
A bit on the large/bulky side.
Screen is a bit small, and some subtitles are unreadable.

60GB of space.
DivX drag, drop, and play (through WMP11) - no transcoding!
TV output is not scaled, although it does not output widescreen.
Adapter thingy is necessary to do anything except listen.
Most subtitles are readable.
Hard to find accessories for the 60GB model.

Overall, I'm satisfied with it for now. It wasn't too too expensive by itself, although I spent quite a bit on accessories. I'm still looking for some sort of case that will fit it. I got a little plastic device that's supposed to turn any headphones into ziplink ones... Doesn't work that well with the Creative ones. I also grabbed a FM transmitter so I can listen to the Zen in anyone's car, since tape decks aren't exactly standard anymore. It also has a USB port for charging. And the video cable was a necessity. I've got some more coming in hopefully this week, forget exactly which ones they were.

I've been watching Pumpkin Scissors lately. It's a bit like Hellsing and Robin, with some Monster flair. Not quite so dark, really... More like Patlabor... no. I can't think of any better comparison.

We also booked travel to see Haha. Getting out of town for a bit, hopefully relax and recharge.

I'm sure there's more, I just can't bring it to mind right now.

Now that was a fun moment. I'm listening to the Zen, and I checked Winamp on this machine to see what the song title was. Oops.

Supposedly, there will be stuff to do this week and next at work. We'll see. So far, it's already delayed. The next big thing happens after we're back.

There's been lots of illness travelling around. I seem to be catching the edge of it here and there, but nothing has settled in.

Hmmm. You know, I like The Thistle and Shamrock, but hardly ever listen to it. I found Allegro linked from somewhere over the weekend, and I think between that and StreamRipper, I may listen to it more often.

As far as games, I've been doing a little Viva and Hotel Dusk, but mostly YuGiOh Spirit Caller. It's sad, I know. I keep playing and thinking that MTG should do a game like it. Take out all the cheesy plot and stupidity, and just let people collect cards and play. That would be fun.

I'll leave it there for now.
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