Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Strange, I dreamed of Exodus last night... As in, I went to Oz for some reason, met up with Exodus, and we just wandered around the country, seeing the sights. The strange thing is that I felt I had been there before, and was talking about places and details... Hmm, and somewhere in there Jingoro showed up and went with us... I think it was at dinner... A strange dinner, but it's already fading and I can't recall any more.

Well I went offline pretty early last night, my RSI/CTS was acting up, and TV sucked as usual, so I went to bed and started re-reading _Ender's Shadow_.

Woke up early for a broom break, and managed to get back to sleep. Kind of a lazy day. I wonder if I'm so out of it because I haven't had caffeine in over a week? I should get outta the house and do some things today, we'll see.

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