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Preventative Mainten Ants

I just finally got out of bed and showered. Now that's how a holiday is supposed to be.... Not driving 1300 miles and sleeping on floors. Mind you, that was fun for the week that I did it, but sometimes it's nice to just sleep in and relax and not go anywhere.

This is the first MLK day in recent memory, possibly working history, that I've had off. I fully intend to enjoy it. And I've started by sleeping in.

The excuse, if I need one, is that there are far too many sick people around me that I've been in contact with recently. I needed to sleep in in order to ensure I could fight off any of that nastiness without catching it. Preventative Maintenance, right?

I beat Marvel: UA last night. I didn't get the best ending, and there are quite a few achievements left to score, so I'm not done with it yet.

I suppose I'll fire up the 360 and let the cats out. It is far too bright outside, what with the snow and all. I left my winter boots in the car.

I will probably venture out for food at some point. Probably across the road to Thai. I don't plan on going anywhere else at this point.

I am still a bit frustrated with TVersity, I want to watch some Anime on the couch. I suppose I can just do the old fashioned thing and burn it to DVD to watch in the DivX player, though.
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