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You know, I keep meaning to update this thing... And I somehow avoid actually doing it. It's not that I don't want to communicate, or that I don't have topics at hand. I just... don't do it for some reason.

I went on vacation, had fun, got back. Went back to work, didn't have much to do, but kept myself busy.

Now there's an ice storm going on, and I've been out in it twice. I'd rather not go out again in it.

I have new toys, potential new toys, and plenty of old toys that I have yet to use much. The Logitech G15 keyboard I'm typing on now is new as of today's BB sale. So far, I like the glowing keys. The layout and feel I need to get used to. I do appreciate the fact that I hot swapped it without incident and I don't have to hit an extra button for the F keys to work. The old keyboard is on the 360 right now, as I've been messaging a bit.

Speaking of 360, I went digging the other night for better streaming than that Media Connect crap. I found TVersity, which would appear to rock... Except that it only worked video-wise on Double Indemnity, so I updated to the newest CCCP. Which, of course, COMPLETELY broke the video streaming of TVersity. ARGH. Any ideas on how to remedy the situation would be helpful.

I've mostly been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the 360. I've played a bit of Gran Turismo HD and GripShift on the PS3, but that's about it. I like Tony Hawk's Project 8 on the 360, except that it gives me motion sickness. Oh, and I picked up Sneak King and Big Bumpin', and SK also gives me motion sickness. And has backwards camera controls. Bleh.

I figured out how to make TomTom work a little better for GeoCaching. I now have it displaying a different icon on the map based on the type of cache. It was a real pain to get figured out and set up, but it might be worth it once I can figure out some automation for the process.

I'm looking for a commandline util or simple GUI that can work with files, directories, and commandline apps. I'd like to build a batchfile to run against a directory and do various processing on the files there, using GPX Spinner, GPSBabel, and possibly other apps. So it would have to be generic and accept commandline templates/template files. Some of the commandlines require certain files in a certain order with a switch between them and suchlike. I don't think it would be very hard to build and app to do it, but it would probably be best done in something like VB, VC, etc which are not my style. WinXP, of course. I'm sure *nix has the correct tools built in. And I've never had any luck with Cygwin.

I watched Terry Pratchett's Hogfather last night. Wow. I have a copy of Wyrd Sisters, but this is completely different. It's Live Action. And it's pretty good. It's also 3 hours long. I'd love to get this and any other TP DVDs that are out there, especially Soul Music, as that is one of my all-time TP faves.

I'm still fighting over one of my domains. I was able to change some of the contact info, but there's still a lock on it that prevents me from transferring and using it.

Oh, Ankh is going to be on an episode of Armed and Famous. Amusing, I may actually find a way to watch it.

At least I can stream DI through my 360 thanks to TVersity. That makes background music so much easier.

Anyone have any good podcast recommendations?
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