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Just after I got home for lunch yesterday, my coworker called me and said the boss came around and told everyone that they could disappear after noon. I had to finish training, but I left ASAP to get home and relax and play some Zelda.

Saw another 4x 60gb PS3's last night at BB. We stopped by to check on Wiimote gloves and saw those as well. Also picked up the Zelda guide for $10, though it isn't the hardback version that is so nifty. I usually don't get guides, but they were insistent.

Headed over to TGIF after that for a couple margaritas and fried beans. Overheard an amusing, if disturbing, conversation between two drunk women while watching a documentary about the Packers winning the SuperBowl.

We muddled around with the Wii after applying the glove for a little bit, then crashed. I'm about to get them up and shower so we can get a few things done before we leave on today's day trip.

I hope we get back at a decent hour so I can finish my packing. I'm starting on the long trip tomorrow. I know I'll visit Redneckninja and Goofyrobo and crew, but not sure who else I'll see.

I'm taking my PS3, 360, monitor, external drive, laptop, PSP, DS, and who knows what else. I'm leaving the Wii and Zelda with them, but we still need to pack it up for transport.
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