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First Place Injury

Had the first Wii injury last night, playing sports. The TV tray was in the way of a backswing. Oops.

I did manage to get a 91 pin strike just before that, though.

Grabbed the browser this morning. Meh. The PS3's browser is much much nicer.

I played MonkeyBall over lunch, it seems to work pretty well with the controller. The help leaves quite a bit to be desired, though. It keeps saying you can do all sorts of things from the pause menu, but doesn't tell you how to pause.

So after finding that Wiimote at EWM, we went out to BB to find Wiimote skins. They were sold out of skins, but had a bunch of Wiimotes. Amusing, but now I want the two pack skins from BB and I can't find those. Argh.

I also grabbed Resistance because I want SOMETHING to play on my PS3, dammit. I had a coupon for it, and I might get Genji with a coupon as well.

Console overload.... I'm looking forward to the game-playing parts of vacation, which starts as soon as I finish up this stupid training class and leave work.
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