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On Threepings PSes

First of all, to get it out of the way...

I got a PS3, yay.

Let's take a look.

PS3 Stuff
A few things besides.

PS3 system
What a sexy system. It's mine.

On to the discussion...

PS3 Browser
One of the nicest things is the browser. It is a full, real browser. You have the ability to open multiple windows, any URL you wish, use bookmarks, etc. Very nifty. Text readability is a bit poor at times, especially when the fonts cannot be overridden.

There are other neat features, quite a few of which I have yet to explore.

Now the comparison...
PS3 vs Xbox 360
From what I understand, the Xbox 360 used to have a modal download system before one of the system updates. There was also a lack of content to download for the first few months. PS3 is at that point now. I'm a bit spoiled by the 360 and perplexed that Sony didn't learn from them.

PS3 downloads, xbox 360 plays
So I end up split-screening my TV and playing Bankshot Billiards on the 360 while I download from the PS3. I'm also downloading 6 files on the 360 at the same time. Hmm.

I like the PS3. I like the power. I like the capabilities. I can see where things should be heading, and they look good. Right now, however, I'm at a loss. I took Resistance back due to coupons and the fact that there is a demo out for it now. I've played the Genji and Resistance demos, and I'm not sold on them. Sadly, they are the only exclusive titles right now.

As for downloads, the PS1 games available suck. The few demos are okay. Sudoku is sudoku, and cheap (if in Lumines-esque packs). Lemmings is Lemmings, again. Blast whatever is the same as 2-3 of the live titles with a slight motion controller component. Cash Guns Money is SmashTV only prettier and easier. MotoStorm sucks. The F1 game is boring and easy.

The controller is very small and light. I miss the vibration effect a little bit so far. The annoyance of having to plug in the controller via short USB cable to charge it as well as to perform system updates is there. The onscreen keyboard is a bit better than 360, but USB is the way to go there. The controller battery is built in, so no hot-swapping like on the 360.

The 360 music player is a bit nicer so far overall, although the PS3 allows you fine control of music formats when you rip from CD and has FF/RW as well as skips. The 360 has more and more interesting visuals.

Photo views are interesting, especially in the Photo Album mode. It's a realtime-rendered show as if you were laying the photos out on the table yourself. Nifty.

Achievements - where are they? When I do something neat in a game, I want people to know.

I haven't found anyone I know with a PS3 yet, so I haven't done much with the online friends list stuff.

I haven't tried Remote Play yet. I haven't installed *nix yet. Perhaps those will be useful.

The overall feeling with the 360 is that you can multitask and do lots of things at once. The PS3 has this overall modal feel, even if it is a quality one.

My recommendation right now is to wait on a PS3. Get a 360 if you don't already have one and wait for the PS3 to catch up. Gears of War beats the hell out of Resistance by far. You feel like you're part of a game of Gears, while Resistance just doesn't draw you in. The 360 has more variety and content to choose from.

Supposedly the next shipment of Wiis is tomorrow.

I have More PS3 phonecam photos at Flickr.
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