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PS3 Love

What a different experience.

I've been going to BB on a near-daily basis to check on stock for PS3 and Wii. For whatever reason, I didn't go today.

Had lunch, was keeping myself busy at work when I got a message saying that the BB nearby had 3x 60gb PS3s in stock. I did a quick eBay check on current prices - WAY down... Almost unprofitable. Hm, anyway. I told them to grab one and I'd be over to get it.

And I did.

I walked in and there they were. No crowd. No arguments. No near-fistfights. Just sitting innocently on the shelf.... Decision time. Did I want to eBay it? If so, then I was done. Grab it and go. If I wanted to keep it, however, then there was the question of what else to get.

I decided to get it. And an extra controller. And an AR HDMI cable. And Resistance. The total was a little more than I expected, and my coupon was only applied to the controller instead of the HDMI cable... But I still got double points, so that's at least another $20 back.

I came back to work to wrap a few things up, and I brought it with me. I wasn't about to leav it in the car and, well, I wanted to show it off.

So I'll be wrapping up a few things and then heading home to play.
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