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PS3 Hate

I walked into BB and someone handed me a PS3. Then I realized it was a 20g model. I watched a near fist fight break out over the two 60g models available.

I put it back and left. I don't buy into the whole "hottest holiday item" and fights over it. I don't want a 20g model if I get one, as I'd probably end up attempting to eBay it at some point and it if failed I wouldn't want to be stuck with it.

Interesting sidenotes:
It seems as if PS3's are going to be delivered weekly on Wed to the various stores, at least around here. And it is a Sony truck that does the deliveries.

The Wiis are not supposed to be sold until Friday. There is a $5000 fine per unit sold before then. The first store I went to must have incurred this fine. Oops. At least some people were happy, I guess.

I went to 2 BB's, 1 TRU, and 1 CC. The first BB was just sold out as I got there, and someone was carrying around the last PS3. The 2nd BB was just unpacking their boxes, and had plenty of 20g PS3s to go around, but only 2 60g models. They were saying the Wiis were for Fri. The TRU was out. The CC was out.
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