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I finally left work last night to get home before 5 so I could make sure to grab my Gears preorder. But it didn't show. So then I went ahead and went to BB to pick it up. Didn't see any copies there. Went down the street to CC and finally found one. Grabbed it, and came home to play. Somewhere in there, I grabbed Thai for dinner.

Gears is very pretty. It is also inducing motion sickness rather rapidly - more so if I run at all. The run effect is neat, but WAY too motion intensive for me. I played it for a bit, got through the training section, and then crashed.

I woke up a bit ago and got online to start the Emergence Day activities. Unforunately, the game stops downloads so I'll have to resume once I'm too queasy to play. I'm not sure of the details, and I haven't read much yet... I've been playing while logged in to live, but I'm not actually playing co-op or anything right now.

The cover system is kind of strange, but interesting. They combined Time Crisis-like cover with a true FPS. You can hide behind objects and generally take no damage, then pop up and start shooting. Of course, the enemies can come around and kill you if you aren't paying attention.

The enemies do appear to posess some sort of intelligence, as do your teammates. Not exremely smart on the Casual level, but at least they take advantage of cover and covering fire. They will gang up and keep you pinned down while one of them closes with you and comes around your cover object.

It's a slight change from other FPSes I've played. I'm not sure how much better or not it is yet. I aim to rack up a few accomplishments throughout the day, and at least give a good attempt at finishing most of the single player mode. Maybe I can win something in there sometime.

I haven't read up on the controls, so I'm not quite sure how the Active Reload and Chainsaw Bayonet work.

In any case, I'm going to get to the next checkpoint and let the downloads resume. I may try for breakfast if I'm not too bad off by then, and probably get a bit more sleep.
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