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So, I Pre-ordered Gears Of War. BB had a deal, so I took advantage of it. Along the way, I managed some more Live points and Bankshot Billiards 2.

It's not a bad game, but it's not great. If it didn't come free in the kit, I wouldn't have bothered. What is amusing to me is that I got lucky online and had people quitting on me, probably thinking I was Sharking them. Oh well. I burned through the easier achievements, but some of these might take a bit of time.

I've got quite a few points banked, nothing really excites me enough to purchase yet. I may just get a few things for variety's sake. I'm leaning towards UMK3, even though it's not that great. I'm still having trouble pulling off Fatalities.

I'm looking forward to GoW, and I will hopefully have enough time to play it. (Looks at the 7+ new Xbox/360 games sitting unplayer) Right? The promo video I've seen so far has me intrigued, as does the hands-on video from some industry show I saw. Chainsaw bayonet, dodging, and general FPS goodness. Yes, please.
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