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What Day Is It?

Ok, I'm a contractor. Ok, I've worked here before. That doesn't mean that I immediately want to get assigned to a project on a 24x7 schedule the first few days I'm here...

Yeah, fun stuff. I'm sure I'm making lots of money, but I won't be paid for ~30 days and I haven't worked out how the taxes and all that work. And I'm tired. And not yet unpacked. Whine. Whine. Whine.

Today, it's a miracle. I don't have to go in to work today. I can relax. And while the past week has been full of having to work in front of a computer for many hours, today I'm relaxing by... Taking a few hours to catch up on LJ and such. What a difference!

I want some new toy time, dammit. I got an Xbox 360 the other week, and I haven't touched it in days. I think Fly has had more time on it this week than I have. I have characters to level in N3 and cars to crash in Burnout: Revenge! Stress relief that I haven't had time for.

The LitterMaid died sometime during the move. I replaced it with a cheap covered generic boring pain vanilla non-electric box. We'll see if I stick with that or not.

Um, what else... New microwave, which rocks. New rice cooker, which I'm sure will rock once I get a chance to use it.

I've been eating out WAY too much. In fact, I think yesterday was the first day in recent memory that I didn't have a meal out. Sandwich for lunch and Fly made some Alfredo for dinner. I still have Alfredo leftover for lunch, too.

I've got some TBs I need to drop off, I've just been caught up in moving and work and therefore held on to them for way too long. I finally looked on GC last night, and there's suppsedly a cache right near my place. I've hit exactly 1 cache in town so far, and it was a quick micro.

My plan for the day is to take it easy and relax, but also get a few things done around the house. Some Xbox 360 time is a requirement, as well. I'd like to get the main part of the place set up so the cats can roam - they've been stuck in the laundry room thus far. At least Enigma has come out from behind the dryer.

Um. It's been a rough week two weeks move month. Finances are draining pretty fast, my CC bill was huge. I know I'm making it back, but the delay in payment means I may have to dip into savings or something to keep up until then. Also, insurance is pretty expensive. I'm actually glad I settled on one of the cheaper places to live.

Oh, and the location works, as well. We're supposed to move before the end of the year from the main work buliding cluster to one of the outlying ones, near where I was when I came back last time. My current place is in between them, so it works out.
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