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there's nothing like having one of those impossible projects dumped on you suddenly to give you the hint that someone doesn't want you to leave the team.

I was handed the bay boy of all projects today. Yes, that's right, Yours Truly is responsible for the enterprise-wide migration from Windows 95 to Windows 2000 at a major telecommunications company.

I won't go into how it's not my job to do such things, or really complain too much about the situation. My only real complaint is that the bitch who is foisting this off on me. I hate her.. not with passion, because that doesn't really cover it and I would hate to forever associate that word with her... But I truly despise her black soulless heart.

I had an encounter with her, oh... a year and a half ago? something like that... And I hated her then. I hate her even more now. Hate. Hate. HATE.

Anyway, I don't know what to make of this situation. Either someone doesn't like me and expects me to fail horribly, my boss took what I said about needing to get my hands into the details of a project to heart, no one else was low enough on the totem pole and had enough time to deal with it, or they realize that I am uniquely suited to this project.

In any case, I'm being cautious, in case this is some political trap or test. On Thursday, we meet with the bitch to see what shit she got herself into that I need to pull her out of... again. After that, I am going to go to my boss, and maybe her boss as well... And tell them flat out what I think is going on, how I plan to deal with it, and what they are going to do to support me. If they aren't going to provide me with the authority to get this project done right the first time, I'm simply going to do what I can to drag the project out and either get rid of it or make it undesirable to complete. I will not be responsible for such a beast if I don't have the support I need to make it work.

In any case, this is the kind of project that could last well over a year, so I may be able to just delay it long enough to transfer out and let someone else deal.

Or, best case scenario is that I will complete it successfully and gain accolades from the big guns for doing such a good job. We'll see.

I came home to a note from the maintenance person saying they had finally gotten around to doing the repairs I asked them to do the day I moved in, which is good.
I also got a call from the phone company's DSL office, saying I was ready to hook up and go... Even though I had cancelled that order day 3 I was here. This is the same company that billed me for DLS service for 9 months after I moved... And they wonder why I changed my mind and didn't want them to reconnect it. Idiots.

Anyway, time for food, maybe some chatting and cam viewing... I stopped by the post office to pick up a money order and stamps, and got gas and the car washed, so I accomplished some things today. I did leave work a little early to do all that, but I feel the day has a positive work balance already. I can relax tonight, then, and not worry about the rest of my list. Although, I probably should either go to the fitness center and workout or do the daily DDR thing that I skipped last night.

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