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Powa to da Cache

Apt is being shown today, I spent most of last evening cleaning.

Power went off this morning around 4am or so, I showered in the dark and came to work around 5 something. The incessant beeping of the stupid battery backup for the water pumps was that annoying.

I've been caching quite a lot. I did something like 12 on Saturday. Found 2 TB's the other day.

Some of my stuff came in, I'm loving the BDU pants.

They fired 19 people at work the other day, and let the one contractor on our team go as well.

I need to get back into packing and prepaing to move.

I haven't felt much like writing updates, I write several cache logs a day most days and that uses up my thoughtful words quota. Or something.
Tags: apartment, geocaching, power, work

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