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As Best As I Can Remember

The past week+.

Friday was the last day at work for the week. Very boring day, I did some running around and was vegging when Fly arrived. We played some games and did some catching up, then crashed.

Saturday we slept in. Late. I think we went out for lunch, then shopping for foodstuffs, and got a cancelation from redneckninja. That made 0 additional attendees for the weekend. Oh well. We were feeling lazy and unmotivated anyway. Played more games and relaxed. I made curry for dinner.

Sunday we did more sleeping in, although I believe that was after Fly made pancakes for breakfast. Then played more games and vegged. Ate leftover curry. Tried to go buy fireworks. Of the 3 places we tried, two had overflowing parking lots and long lines just to get in, and the other one had little kiddie crap.

Monday, I called in sick. My back was bothering me, so we got a late start. At night, we wandered around watching people set off fireworks.

Tues was the 4th, and we started by tryin out some GeoCaching. We spent several hours doing such, and ended up sunburned, bug-bitten, and thorn-scratched. Our own fault, we half-assed it by wearing shorts and going without sunblock or bug repellent. I think we had Alfredo for dinner. Cache summary: Found 7, Didn't find 2, and one of the finds had a TravelBug. At night, we went out for frozen custard then wandered back to find a spot to watch a local fireworks show. It was incredible, there were a half dozen shows visible from the spot we found. The actual close show was horrible for a pro show. Very short and unimaginative. One of the shows we could see, however, was awesome. It started well before and ended well after the close show. And was much more impressive overall.

Wed we went shopping for GeoCaching supplies. Got hats, sunblock/bug repellant, hip packs, and other necessaries. And did some more caching. Found 2, Didn't find 1. Might have had fajitas for dinner.

Thurs was Fly no tanjobi. I got up early, fetched Krispy Kremes, and we had breakfast. Then we packed some stuff and headed out to Mitsuwa for lunch. And, of course, did some caching. We went to Fry's to shop for a bit. And did more caching. Then we changed clothes and went to dinner at Texas de Brazil. Wow. I'd heard these places were good, but words just don't describe the experience. We had THE most delicious pork tenderloin and top sirloin and filets we've ever had. Melt-in-your-mouth good. Such flavor! We stuffed ourselves full of the food, then ordered dessert. Luckily, they understand and both desserts were light enough to finish, even after all that food. We must go back, but the cost is fairly prohibitive for going very often at all. After sitting in the car for an hour to let the food digest a bit, we did some final caching before heading home. We didn't change out of the dressier clothes we wore to dinner. The best was the last one, where we were just finishing the log/swap and put the cache back right before a couple walked by. I was coming back to the trail brushing my clothes off when they walked up and the guy said "Oops, sorry folks! Didn't mean to interrupt, we'll be on our way." Oh, we laughed. Dropped off the TB at this last one. Cache stats: Found 5, Didn't find 4.

Fri we went caching again, and found 7 - including one we previously didn't find. Then we went to Weed for dinner and had a margarita. Good $3 ones. Then we went over to another mexican restaurant, but missed happy hour. Had 2 more margaritas each, but these weren't as cheap and good as the others.

Sat we slept in and went caching in the afternoon, finding 2. We were going to go back out, but it started raining. We didn't feel like caching in that, so we stayed in and played some DS games.

Sun we started off early morning caching, which was really nice. We managed to hit 2 multis and a quick mini before it got hot and we went to B-dubs for lunch. We played some NTN poker and relaxed for a bit, then went back to Weed for more margaritas. The FIFA game was just starting, so we watched a little bit of that before heading back out to cache. It was about 1:30 or so.

Now, this is the point where we made a mistake. We didn't check the difficulty or terrain ratings before we left, and we didn't realize we only had about 2 bottles of water left in the car. It was hot out, very sunny and not too much wind or clouds. We started on this difficult multi, and immediately ran into a blocked path with no easy way around. Fly ended up going under a tree, but I opted to go around through the waist-high grass littered with thorns. We managed to keep in radio contact and met up near the first waypoint. It took a bit of searching, but we found it and moved on to WP2. We made sure to drink some water regularly, even if it was just a quick sip. WP2 was a sunny hike and the was a small bit of cover in the area. We had to widen our search and re-fix several times in order to finally discover the marker. WP3 was a pretty shady if a bit terrain-filled hike away. We got the marker quickly, spotting it as we approached the area. Then we ran out of water. Figuring we only had 1, maybe 2 waypoints left we forged ahead. Through the chest-high grass liberally sprinkled with nettles and thorns. Saw a deer, even. Then we got within 100 feet of the marker and realized we were on the wrong side of the river/creek/unpassable body of water. We started to circle around, and then I realized I was getting very lightheaded and needed water soon. So we bushwhacked back to the car and headed home, where I drank lots of water, took a cold shower, and collapsed on the couch to recuperate a bit.

Fly fixed Chicken and Rice for dinner, and I lazed around playing DS games. We forgot to find the game to watch, and we were starting to feel better. Fly got up to take a shower, and heard something by the front door. We opened the blinds on the sliding door, and realized it was storming. Real high winds, driving rain, and even some hail. Later, I heard there were flash floods as well. Fly was standing by the door, about to go to the shower, and I glanced over just as the wind knocked this huge tree in our yard over - right towards the sliding door. Somehow, it missed anything important. And then the power went out. I was just calling maintenance when the neighbor knocked on our front door to ask us if we were okay. We couldn't really get out the front door, so we ended up going out the garage. We stayed out there about a half hour chatting with the other various neighbors, the apt manager, and the maintenance person. I and a couple neighbors were taking pictures. Eventually, we just went back in and played DS games until the power came back on, then Fly showered and we crashed.

Mon we got up, Fly packed and left, and I went to work. I tried to find 3 caches around dusk and failed all 3. I'm going to try them again when it's light. I spoke with redneckninja, who clued me in on a site to buy BDU pants for caching in.
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