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I'm getting annoyed with myselt for not having energy, not updating, not getting things done. So here's an update, dragged out of somewhere in my semi-consciousness.

Yesterday, all day, the two middle fingers on my right hand were numb. I presume this means that I've overdone something and thus caused a Carpal Tunnel (CTS) flare-up. I've tried to cut back on computer and videogame usage, and I didn't ride the bike last night. Instead, I did quite a bit of talking on the phone and started re-reading The Running Man by Richard Bachman Stephen King.

I actually slept somewhat well last night, and I'm not sure what it is due to.

Things for the upcoming project are progressing. redneckninja has been getting into things, and thus we are making progress. Mostly research and brainstorming for now.

I did manage to finally update templates on some of my websites. I've also done some coding research and successfully installed a wiki or three. The issue here is that the easiest to use and customize wiki, phpWiki, sucks for security and such. The more robust wiki that has a nice little phpBB authentication drop-in extension, MediaWiki, sucks for customization. You want to know why most MediaWiki sites look the same? It's because the "templates" might as well be hard-coded into the php, and the customization directions are well out of date (thus not working).

I'm still putting in my KoL turns via KoLMafia scripts every day. Eventually, I do plan to go back to ascending and such, but... I'm building up cash reserves in order to have extra Mr A's on hand during runs in case of a good new IotM/FotM. I'm also playing, UD, V:TDA, 4C, and Travian daily. I'm supposed to try out CoH and WoW at some point still.

Plans for the 4th finally got solidified last night. I'm hoping to have Fly, d4nte, and redneckninja out here to visit from at least Sun through Tues. Fly's staying for the week, weekends inclusive. We're going to hang out, play games, cook food instead of going out, and generally just relax and enjoy the company. Fly and I are going to go GeoCaching and head to Mitsuwa for ramen. I figure since the OH folks don't have a plan, I'll wait to see them another weekend. It'll probably be easier to set something up that way, since these other schedules are pretty set.

Ok, so now my mind went blank attempting to continue. I'll call it here.
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