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The Movie Excuse

I was just browsing the list of current movies playing, and saw The Break-Up. Interesting.

So let's say you were dating someone, and things weren't going so well. Let us also assume that you, at times, revert to some behaviours that other people are both shocked and awed by. In a full excerise of this bahvioral pattern, you invite this person out to see a movie. Yes, you vontuntarily choose this movie, The Break-Up. In fact, you go so far as to order the ticket ahead of time and provide the other person with a confirmation number to pick it up at the theater, just to make sure you get in the show. And you mention you might run a bit late, so it would be better if they got there and picked the ticket up.

If you were paying attention, you have the puncline: You never show up, and there was only 1 ticket. Therefore, you're telling them indirectly that it is over. You've "Broken Up" see? Don't make me jam this one down your throat.

Disclaimer: I am (in)famous for a certain event involving removing my key from someone's keyring while they were in the shower and letting them leave without saying anything.
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