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Up Date

Yeah, I keep thinking I'm going to post and then not doing so.

I have some Oblivion screenshots to upload. Funny funny stuff.

I finally downloaded City of Heroes for the free trial. I haven't activated it yet, though.

I may also be doing a trial of World of Warcrackcraft.

What else have I missed?

Hmm... Oh, the summary of the Museum trip and hunting for a park pavilion from 1957. And any other relevance from the visit by Fly and Fly no Obaasan.

Visit by d4nte and gaming and the resulting lack of sleep.

Bike hunting.


Update from redneckninja.

A discussion of the various plans and possibilities for the July 4 week and both weekends.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm a bit fried this morning. Too bad I have work to do.

As per usual, the ups and downs have been erratic and constantly changing.

I am determined to forcibly haul myself back on track. I've about run out of patience for myself and my own procrastination.

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