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Broken car window

I'm not much of an animal rights person. Once in awhile, however, something happens to set me off on that tangent. Monday was one such event.

I was coming out of CompUSA into the bright, 95oF weather. As I crossed the parking lot towards my car, I heard glass break. I looked around, and saw a rather large and somewhat shaggy dog jump out of the passenger window of a car. I went over that way, and saw this dog just standing there nearly hyperventilating. It tongue was hanging way out, and bleeding. There were bits of auto glass stuck there as well. Another person came by, and I asked them if they had seen the same thing. They had, and they went back to their truck to get some water. The dog was very skittish, and we didn't venture too close. That person ended up taking off a minute or two later, but there were plenty of other people who came by to help.

Wandering dog

It was very hot out. The temperature I heard was about 95 degrees F. The sun was out in full force, so the temperature in the car must have been well over 100. Some of the windows were cracked slightly open, and the radio was playing. There were a couple toys in there, too. That's about it. No water - or if there had been such initially, it had long since evaporated. Several people went back to their cars to get water bottles to give to the animal. One or two went inside the various nearby stores to ask for bowls and water. The dog itself ended up finding a nearby puddle to start drinking from, and then flopped down into it to try to cool off.

Dog drinking

I called the cops (911), and another person called the Humane Society. Both responded. Perhaps 10-15 minutes later, the cop showed up. He wasn't happy, and stated flatly that the owned would be getting a ticket at the very least. He also told us that if we ever see a person or animal in a car like that to give the cops a call. They would be more than happy to smash a window or two to get them safely out. Another 10 or so minutes later, the owner showed up. The Humane Society followed another 10 or so minutes after that.

Cop taking statements

I left after the Humane Society arrived, and made sure the cop didn't need me for anything.

The cop had Dispatch paging the owner, name gathered from license plate information, in the various shops nearby. As he came out without any shopping bags and looking somewhat bewildered, I'm guessing that he heard the page and came out to see what was happening. His first reaction was to examine his car, not his dog. I wandered around near my car, talking to other people who were around watching the events. The overall consensus was that he should not be allowed to keep the animal. I don't know what happened in the end.

Humane Society and Cop car

I was amazed by the positive response of people passing by. They were willing to stop and help. I don't see much evidence of that, so it was a nice change. The owner, obviously, was an idiot for doing such a thing. The dog was amazing in that it took the steps necessary to protect itself, and then behaved well and stayed right by the car like it was supposed to. It broke itself out of a car through the passenger window. That's cool.
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